Facebook fact-checkers are tied to Soros, Hillary Clinton, CCP, and CNN


The independent fact-checkers policing Americans online are tied to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, the Chinese Communist Party, and CNN.

Lead Stories makes money from TikTok, a CCP-tied company. It was also co-founded by a longtime CNN producer. Staffers also come, mostly, from CNN.

They claim the fact-checkers are certified by the International Fact-Checking Network. It was founded by the Poynter Institute which works closely with TikTok. He didn’t mention this, but Soros provides Poynter with funding.

The Facebook fact-checkers get almost all of their money from Google and radical leftist billionaire, George Soros. One of the policy board members is tied to Hillary Clinton.

These are in complete control of what you see online, shaping your reality.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Movements within movements…the beauty is that the “little people” that support the “ideological” movements, communism, globalism and Islam never heard of “cannon fodder”…they are soon to be apprised.

2 years ago

It is wise to use Facebook for absolutely nothing.

Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Turquoise Hexagon Sun
2 years ago

I don’t use any of those services. Tube videos are viewed only on this page or others.
Fam uses Google and I clean the cache for them so that no tracks are left behind while making sure no bundled toolbars or hijacks are installed. Cookies and scripts are kept to a minimum.
Just saw a music blog showing an “enemies of humanity” demotivational with the usual Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Marx suspects and underneath that there was comrade kommissar Dorsey, Zuckerborg, Tim Cook, comrade Sergey Brin of Google (stepped down in 2019), Mini-Me Bezos, CCP affiliated Tik Tok wasn’t shown. Some www pages claim that Parler is part of Soros Inc.
Why don’t they all just go to work in the president elect regime and drop all the pretense.