Twitter has no problem with this statement from the CCP


It has been three days and still no fact check, no warning labels, and nothing about violating Twitter’s standards.

They not only target people for their political and religious beliefs, but they also put them in gulags and use them for organ transplants.

I wonder if the Uighurs or Falun Gong would agree with this:

The embassy is also pushing climate change. Meanwhile, they have no intention of doing anything until 2030. And in 2030, they will have some other excuse.

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Klaxons Sirens Alarms
Klaxons Sirens Alarms
2 years ago

They want our land and what is left of valuables and resources.
We have built up a formidable enemy and they are within the gates thanks to a fifth column of true believer traitors.
If these www alarmists are right about a strong alliance between Russia and China then we are in for interesting times indeed.