Antifa, BLM go to the police – they want to defund – for protection


The Proud Boys, a Prayer group, and other Trump supporters were assaulted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter the night of the March on DC. Four Trump supporters were knifed, and one is in ICU. Reports we’ve received indicate that police did nothing. The police were ordered to stand down by the leftist officials in charge.

Ironically, there were also reports last night that the communist militants went to the police for protection. That’s the police they want to be defunded.

One of the Trump supporters who was with the prayer group who were assaulted told me this:

One guy pulled a handgun on one of the guys I was with. The cops did nothing. The guy ran off and the cop just sat in his car.  Also, on the first night, four Spanish guys got out of a car.  One pulled a knife.  Things were getting heated and the cops across the street did nothing.

The guys finally backed off and left.

Too many of us.


Antifa and BLM are violent communist anarchists who aren’t a bit abashed about asking the police for protection.



This March for DC pitted communist anarchists against Americans. It’s as simple as that.

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The Lion Suffers Not
The Lion Suffers Not
3 years ago

Cops have been ordered to stand down. They fear the Beer Flu and there have been way too many superfluous calls about cold french fries or someone looked at me mean and didn’t have the same opinion. You’re on your own in the jungle.
No one is coming to save you. The collective will turn you in for an EBT charge up or extra rations.
Welcome to the golden utopian Great Reset comrade.