Faces of the Dem Party Throw a Kegger Outside Mitch McConnell’s House


The Democrat Red Army protesters carrying beer, were chanting “chug, chug, chug!” and “I like beer!” outside Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s home ahead of Friday’s procedural vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The anti-Kavanaugh protesters can be seen on videos clutching Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, red Solo cups and posters as they marched toward McConnell’s home.

“Essentially, we just think he’s a frat boy,” protest organizer Jennifer Flynn Walker told HuffPost by phone of Kavanaugh.

“We had a Kavanaugh confirmation kegger and we had some beer and red Solo party cups,” said Walker, director of mobilization and advocacy at the Center for Popular Democracy. “We had some sunglasses and celebrated Beach Week, Georgetown Prep Beach Week. We yelled ‘beer’ and ‘chug’ and then we stopped.”

These people think women will rise up if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

They shouldn’t be allowed to get this close to a senator. It simply isn’t safe. They’re obviously not right in the head.

It definitely was rude.

The loons are also in the hallways of the Senate building and elsewhere with the blessing of Democrats. This is the face of the Democrat Party.

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