Fact Checkers Are Back


After his speech announcing his run for president last night, the anti-Trump fact checkers were out like they never were for Biden. The hate speech raged on Twitter, and the media sent creative fact checkers to the nearest megaphone.

“On day 1, we will end Joe Biden’s war on American energy. You will see energy costs come down and…you will see inflation dropping,” Donald Trump said in his serious presidential speech announcing his candidacy for President in 2024.

“The decline of America is being forced upon us by Biden. This decline is not a choice we must accept,” he said.

Michael Tracey wrote: Sorry to break it to you, but Trump was spot-on with this one: “They say the ocean will rise 1/8 of an inch over the next 200 to 300 years, but don’t worry about nuclear weapons that can take out entire countries with one shot. Something is wrong with their thinking.”

The left reacted badly to the speech.

Black sheep relative Mary Trump tweeted:  An announcement from the DoJ would be . . . preferable.

Biden was fundraising off the speech before the speech was over, and lefties demanded Merrick Garland arrest him.

Adam Schiff, who lied about Trump and Russia, was probably first out of the gate with vile attacks.

Rob Reiner: Midterm voters did their part in preserving Democracy. Now it’s up to Merrick to do his. Stand up for the Rule of Law. Pick a Crime. Any one of the Mountain of Federal Crimes Trump has Committed and Indict the MF.

Paid Dem troll Defiant Brooklyn Dad wrote on Twitter: Half of the people who tune into trump’s announcement today will only be watching to see if he gets arrested during his speech.

Fox News aired most of the speech but cut away towards the end for analysis from Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Monica Crowley, Pete Hegseth, and Leo Terrell.

The fact checkers and hate speech are back.

“CNN also carried Trump’s remarks live but cut away after about 20 minutes to offer analysis from a political panel and fact-checks of the various claims Trump made during his speech on issues ranging from energy to the results of the midterm elections,” The Hill reports.

“MSNBC did not carry Trump’s remarks live at all, instead opting to host a number of leading journalists to talk about the former president’s expected announcement,” the report continued.

On their website, MSNBC ran with the headline, “Trump’s secret 2024 weapon? He’s ready to burn it all down.” That comment needs fact checkers.

@MAGAAGA is now trending on Twitter, and it is nasty. Sit back with some popcorn and watch them go crazy.

Anyway, it’s not really MAGA anymore; it’s the National Greatness Agenda. And it’s up to America to decide, not propagandists and fake fact checkers.

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1 year ago

Unlike 2016 and 2020, there is now mature Conservative Social Media Sites and they do get the Conservative message out without the Drama of the Fake Media. President Trump is announcing now because that will give him 2 years to wear the Fake Media out. The Bottom line is the Nation was doing far better under President Trump than Traitor Joe. If the Republicans hold real public hearings on the Corruption in the Democrat run Beltway over the next 2 years; Democrats won’t have a chance.

The Woke Media is not doing well. If they stay Woke they will Go Broke. People get upset when realize they are being lied to. When I run into a Liberal, they can’t help it, they have to try and Gloat over their not being a Red Wave. I just say, “Don’t complain to me about food and gas prices.” That shuts most of them up, but the hard core crazies say it’s Trump’s Fault. You can’t fix Stupid!