Ukraine Fired the Missile Into Poland – No Formal Investigation to Follow


As the media sped right to World War III, blaming Russia without any facts, the truth was Ukraine’s missile hit Poland, not Russia’s. According to Joe Biden, Ukraine’s air defense missile was responsible for the Poland blast. The source of information was NATO. It was immediately determined that it was an “unfortunate accident,” and no formal investigation will follow.

Reuters Report:

U.S. President Joe Biden told G7 and NATO partners that a missile blast in eastern Poland was caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile, a NATO source told Reuters on Wednesday.

The blast, which killed two people, raised global alarm that the Ukraine conflict could spill into neighbouring countries.

Ukraine blamed Russia. Russia denied its missiles struck Poland.

Biden told reporters in Indonesia on Wednesday that the missile was unlikely to have been fired from Russia.

Some wonder if it was a deliberate false flag. Ukraine is desperate to get NATO into the war. Comic-Actor-President Zelensky once said we shouldn’t be afraid of World War III or nuclear weapons. However, Poland’s President Duda says it was an “unfortunate accident.” Ukraine was defending itself.


Polish President Andrzej Duda says there is “no evidence” that the projectile was fired by Russia.

The missile was most likely launched by Ukrainian air defense forces, Polish president, Andrzej Duda, has announced.

Russia’s defense ministry previously said its analysis of photos from the site showed that the projectile was from a S-300 air defense system used by Kiev.

“Most likely, a missile made by Russia in the 1970s has fallen on Polish territory. We have no evidence that it was launched by Russia,” Duda told reporters.

“There is a high probability that it was a Ukrainian air defense missile,” he added.

Russia and Ukraine were both Soviet Union, so it was Russian-produced in the 1970s and fired by Ukraine.

Duda said it was an “unfortunate accident” rather than a deliberate attack on Polish soil. He suggested that the missile struck Poland when Ukrainian forces tried to intercept Russian attacks.

They Were Defending Themselves

“Ukraine was defending itself – which is obvious and understandable – by also firing missiles whose task was to destroy Russian missiles [in mid-air],” Duda said. “Therefore, the Russian side is definitely to blame for yesterday’s incident.”

There will not be a referral for an investigation, Duda said.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that it fired missiles at Ukrainian command centers and energy infrastructure sites on Tuesday. The Ministry said the targets were no closer than 35km (21.7 miles) from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

The ministry also said, according to photos published by the media, the missile that hit Polish territory was from an S-300 air defense system used by Ukraine.

It’s over for now, but it’s obvious we are in grave danger of entering a world war that would quickly sink into nuclear war.

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, who was not particularly important to most countries, launched the First World War.

There will be no investigation of George Washington Zelensky. Nothing to follow.

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