How Leader Mitch McConnell Is Damaging the Party


Leader McConnell needs to go, but he says he has the votes to become Leader sooner or later.  He may be the choice of the senators, but his popularity among the voters ranges between 7% and the low 20s. That’s because he isn’t a leader of the people, just the Senate.

Leader McConnell is blaming his own party members for the disappointing midterms. He puts it all on the MAGA wing for the losses in the midterms, particularly the loss of votes from moderate Republicans and Independents. McConnell frequently pits MAGAs against Liberal Republicans when he should unite us.

He said some Republicans [the MAGAs] were too negative, chaotic, and involved in excessive attacks.

That may be true of Independents and liberal Republicans, or not, but as Victor Davis Hanson told Laura Ingraham on her show last night, we can’t go back to the party of “Romneyism or McCainism. We hadn’t won 51 seats since 1988. There were so many other force multipliers.” They were outspent, VDH continued, and “completely surprised by the mail-in ballots” even though they were warned during the 2020 election. VDH didn’t understand why McConnell spent so much on Murkowski instead of Masters. He called it a misallocation of funds.

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Ben Domenech said the “fundamental problem” with McConnell’s approach is “it’s old, it’s old fashioned…it says you can wait until after Labor Day to spend money. It’s also very vindictive.”  The co-founder of The Federalist discussed McConnell’s egregious mistakes in the case of Don Bolduc as an example of McConnell’s revenge.

Mitch needs to go but probably won’t.

The McConnell Republicans see Donald J. Trump as a drag on the party and will try to ignore him. VDH said he’s tired of people telling us who we can vote for. Let the people decide.


We have to unite as Republicans, but McConnell’s not doing it. The panel discussed how this division is destroying us. VDH explained what Mitch should say as a leader, and it’s not insulting our candidates.

Rep. Byron Donalds was also in on the discussion and emphasized that Mitch must go. Why didn’t Mehmet Oz have funding for five weeks while John Fetterman just did as he pleased? He was irate over McConnell saying we had bad candidates. We can’t have a leader who’s not all in.

McConnell is a leader who can’t lead. As VDH said, the problem isn’t with the people; we had more national votes than the Democrats.  “The problem is within the leadership.” McConnell was “playing games” and picking candidates based on his future. Watch the two clips.

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