Failed Coup Attempt in Bolivia Today


The Bolivian military and armored vehicles surrounded government buildings in La Paz and attempted to enter the presidential palace on Wednesday in a failed coup attempt.

“We cannot allow coup attempts to take Bolivian lives once again. We want to urge everyone to defend democracy,” Arce said from the presidential residence, Casa Grande.
According to footage from the scene, armed soldiers gathered around Murillo Plaza, a main square in La Paz where the national executive and legislative offices are located.

Armored vehicles were seen ramming into the doors of Bolivia’s government palace, according to Associated Press, as the country’s former President Evo Morales, who, like the incumbent, is in Bolivia’s Movement to Socialism (MAS) party, said on X that a “coup d’état is brewing.”

Morales, who publicly split from his one-time ally Arce, also called on “the social movements of the countryside and the city to defend democracy.” Morales resigned in 2019 following mounting protests over accusations of fraud in the elections; at the time, he claimed he was forced out in a coup.

Later, the president said that the general had been arrested by his own troops when they realized he was attempting a coup. The President replaced other senior military leaders.

The new head of the army orders troops back to bases.

“I order all that are mobilized to return to their units, said the newly named army chief José Wilson Sánchez, per the Associated Press. “No one wants the images we’re seeing in the streets.”

The outlet reported that soon after the troops near the palace began to withdraw.

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