Filth-Loving Reddit Bans Gays Against Groomers for Protecting Kids


The theater of the absurd had nothing on Reddit. Reddit will allow any crazy filth, but don’t try to interfere with pedophilia. They banned Gay Against Groomers for wanting to protect children.

Gays Against Groomers wrote on X:

“The Gays Against Groomers subreddit, which we moderated, has just been banned by @Reddit. More big tech homophobia on display! There was no “hate” whatsoever. Wanting to protect children from being sexualized and butchered is not hate speech.

“This now makes 15 platforms we have now been banned from! They fear us because they don’t know how to handle people speaking out from INSIDE the community. Unfortunately for them, we have no intention of stopping.”

They’re correct. More gays need to stand up for them, or just anyone needs to stand up for them.

They have now been banned by 15 groups. The mob doesn’t approve of anyone who dares defy the exact ideology. Individuality is not allowed.

Filth on Reddit is okay. I searched for porn, incest, public nudity, child sex, and other similar topics, which are popular and allowed on Reddit.

However, if you’re a conservative or oppose grooming children, you will be banned. Reddit is sick, and it’s run by sick people.

Gays Against Groomers described their mission on X:

Gays Against Groomers is a 501(c)4 nonprofit of gays, lesbians, and others in the community who oppose the sexualization, indoctrination, and mutilation of children under the guise of radical “LGBTQIA+” activism. We are moms and dads, couples, siblings, husbands and wives, families and friends, typical gay American men and women who live our lives just like everyone else.

Our mission is twofold: to end the war on children being carried out in our name and to reclaim the community we once called our own, which at this point has become unrecognizable.

What we are witnessing is mass-scale child abuse being perpetuated on an entire generation, and we will no longer sit by and watch it happen. From its inception in 2022, Gays Against Groomers has shut down “family-friendly” drag shows aimed at children, lobbied for bills preventing child abuse and mutilation, given speeches at school board meetings, organized rallies and protests, spoken out from within the community, and endorsed candidates who unequivocally condemn the current state of the gender movement as much as we do.

Gender ideology isn’t just a neo-religious cult; it is biotechnological warfare in drag. Its propaganda machine is relentless, like a multi-headed hydra with claws in every corporate sector. Those in mainstream media who endorse the trans agenda fail to represent the interests and concerns of gay people.

This agenda is wreaking havoc in our schools, in our government and legal sector, and in the medical community—at the expense of millions like us who disagree with prioritizing so-called “gender identity” over material reality. We of Gays Against Groomers are determined to put a stop to this insanity once and for all.

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