Fake Indian endorses sleepy candidate


Senator Elizabeth Warren, who tried to skim off Bernie’s communist/socialist supporters, could not endorse Joe Biden until Bernie left the race and threw in with sleepy Joe. She would have had problems defending that. But, Bernie’s out, Obama endorsed the senile candidate, and she is free to endorse Sleepy Joe. So, she did on Wednesday.

She said she is endorsing him because “empathy matters.”

“We’re all in this together now,” she declared.

Her four-minute video claims alleged Biden accomplishments during the Obama administration as visions of a normal Biden flash across the screen.

The media is calling Biden a “moderate” and a “standard-bearer” so she appealed to the communists/socialists to vote on his behalf, even though he is very far-left himself.

“Among all the other candidates I competed with in the Democratic primary, there is no one I agree with 100 percent of the time. But one thing I appreciate about Joe Biden is that he always tells you where he stands [when he isn’t lying or having a senile moment]. When you disagree he’ll listen and not just listen but hear you. He will treat you with respect [sometimes].”

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