President’s masterful, kick a$$ approach with the fake news media


President launches a preemptive strike on the fake news media in the clip below. This clip from the blaze shows the masterful job the President can do in defending himself and his actions. Whether you like him or not, he is the best defender of Trump.

He actually destroys the media’s narrative here.

Cuomo asked for 30,000 vents and used 5,000, so when he says the governors asked for too many, he’s right. He also got the point across that he gave the governors the supplies they needed which they themselves should have stockpiled.

When the #FireFauci tweet came up, he handled that well. In fact, the day before, Dr. Anthony Fauci felt compelled to come forward and explain himself. He made it clear that President Donald Trump responded immediately when the experts, scientists, doctors, researchers, said shut down travel with China, shut down travel with the EU, social distance, and so on.

Whether it was prompted by the president retweeting a comment that included the hashtag or not, we cannot say. But, Dr. Fauci clarified and ended that false narrative.

President Trump is masterful, like him or not. The media has too many dopes pretending to be journalists. It must drive them nuts when he quotes their own Democrat leaders’ words in his arguments against them.


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