Fake Indian Liz Warren Thinks she Knows Why Prices Are Soaring


Is it possible that Elizabeth Warren actually believes prices are going up because corporations are behaving in a greedy manner? That’s what she claims the problem is in an article on Business Insider.

She’s not stupid so we doubt it. That leaves two possibilities. One, she’s a liar, or two, her ideology has taken hold of her brain and she can’t think rationally.

It’s obvious why we are paying more. Biden’s wild spending and the Fed’s printing of money has devalued our dollar. That’s just reality. It’s a huge Biden tax on everyone. And he wants to continue it with another $2.2 trillion socialist/communist bill that’s actually more like $4T.

We also can’t forget the supply chain problems. shipping is going up.

As Mr. Melker says here:

In a world of bad takes, this one is uniquely horrid.

Just spitballing here, but maybe groceries cost more because we printed 40% of the money that has ever existed in the past 18 months?

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