This Is Who Bailed Out Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha Terrorist


Dawn Woods of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is said to be “wrecked” and is “blaming herself” for Waukesha carnage.

Woods, mother of Darrell Woods, posted $1,000 to bail out her son from jail after his November 2nd arrest, after he hit and then ran over his baby’s mother.

Brooks’ former girlfriend told the New York Post that his mother is wracked with guilt over Sunday’s tragedy.

“I’m blaming myself, because had I not bailed him out, this wouldn’t have happened,” Woods reportedly said.

Woods ran over or into nearly 70 people in a parade in Waukesha. Six died including an 8-year old boy, and 62 are injured, many seriously, many of them children. Darrell also has two other active cases in Milwaukee

The prosecution ask for $5 million cash bail, which they said was warranted given his lengthy criminal history – 32 pages of serious crimes.

Judge Kevin Costello oddly said the sum was “extraordinarily high” for the “indigent” Brooks, but granted the request.

Why is there any bail for this dangerous man and why does he keep getting out of prison?

Ms. Woods definitely made a mistake.

The ex-girlfriend of Darrell Brooks said she was “mortified” by Sunday’s attack in Waukesha.

She told the New York Post she was “embarrassed” Brooks was the father of her child.

The woman told the paper she was already “embarrassed” that Brooks was the father of her child “because he wasn’t taking care of him.” She continued: “What do you think I am now? Mortified.”

Saying she wished she could replace her son’s father with another person, she added that she was “sickened by it, obviously devastated, can’t sleep,” the paper reported. “I’ve been donating and saying prayers and doing everything that I can.”

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