Fake News ABC Announces an 8-Year Old Child Died in the “Parade Crash”

The monster who injured 62 people and so far, killed 6, including an 8-year old child, was a black nationalist and a BLM supporter. He had other sketchy ties but the man deliberately rode over innocent white marchers in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin this past weekend.

ABC Fake News Go is actually calling it a ‘parade crash’. The title of the article is: Child is 6th death in Waukesha parade crash; suspect charged. They say nothing about his radicalism after they spent a year trashing Kyle Rittenhouse as a radical, which he is not.

ABC News is a disgusting disgrace. How dare they call it a “parade crash.” I guess they count on their readers to be morons.

Darrell Brooks Jr. was charged with five counts of INTENTIONAL homicide in the crash Sunday in Waukesha, a Milwaukee suburb. Conviction on first-degree intentional homicide carries a mandatory life sentence, Wisconsin’s stiffest penalty.

An 8-year-old boy, Jackson Sparks, died on Tuesday, according to his GoFundMe page. He was walking in the parade along with his brother, who is still hospitalized. The other five people who were killed were adults.

Jackson’s 12-year old brother is seriously injured and will need a lot of care. The boys were walking along the parade route when monster Darrell Brooks rode over them.

A Sparks family niece put up the GoFundMe page.

“This afternoon, our dear Jackson has sadly succumbed to his injuries and passed away,” the page’s organizer, Alyssa Albro, wrote.

Little Jackson had brain surgery but it couldn’t bring him back.

Brooks made his initial appearance in court Tuesday. He could be heard crying during the proceeding, leaning over with his head nearly in his lap, with his attorney resting a hand on his back. Good, he should cry. He can cry for life in prison.

The media is trying to memory hole this disaster.

The media said Kyle was shedding crocodile tears. Will they say that about Brooks? You know the answer.



  1. This is just one of a string of tragedies. CRT, BLM, ANTIFA and the Dog Fart Media are enabling an army of blacks and fanantics to target white people wherever they can find them. The slaughter will be repeated again and again until we rise together and put an end to the Communists. The manths and years ahead will not be pretty. Prepare for a life and death struggle.

  2. Saw a page earlier saying that he had Muslim ties that were scrubbed to the memory hole.
    Thank God for the 2A and show no mercy for anyone who intends to harm you no matter what race or creed.
    The Ultraviolence and WAR of all against all is the goal of the Satanic Marxist globalists as they are out for vengeance and think that all other races will be happy slaves on the neo-feudal plantation bought off with an EBT card or some low level bureauweenie position.
    If the roles were reversed in the Waukesha Massacre there would be cities resembling a WWII strategic bomb run by now.

    O/T-What if insurance companies go woke? A place like Car Source would get nothing back on the scorched earth parking lot.
    Shhh! Don’t give them any ideas!

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