Fake news guy Brian Stelter tries to get the best of Tucker


Brian Stelter of [Un]reliable Sources is telling people that Tucker Carlson is at odds with Fox management over the NSA spying accusation.

Tucker recently accused the NSA of spying and unmasking him. He has a whistleblower and at least one reporter who told him the agency leaked his emails. Tucker said they are trying to take down his show.

Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy wrote on CNN online: On Saturday night, Jesse Watters framed an entire segment around it, but in the form of a question, “Is Tucker Carlson being spied on by the Biden administration?”

It seemed like Fox doesn’t believe the accusation, Stelter and Darcy wrote.

Maybe that helps explain why Carlson is “furious,” in the words of one source, with Fox News executives — furious because they’re not vigorously defending him. “Tensions are sky high,” the person told Stelter, and Carlson is especially ticked off at the PR team “for not backing him up.”

Another source told Oliver Darcy that Carlson has “always had tension with” management, but said right now he’s “extra pissed.”

Anonymous sources are as unreliable as these two.

Stelter requested a statement from Tucker only to be savaged.

Stelter admitted: “Carlson did respond to my text this way: ‘I’m not mad at anyone at Fox. If I was, I’d say so. I’m mad at you for lying relentlessly. What a loathsome person you are. Please print that.’”

That is too good. If Tucker tried to answer the question, Stelter would have used it against him in some way. Stelter is very dishonest and unreliable.

If Fox doubted it, they’d likely not let him report it. It’s Tucker’s story, why should they add their names to the Left’s hit lists?

Tucker was trying to set up an appointment with Russian President Putin and that’s how the NSA allegedly got onto Tucker’s emails. They likely saw it as an opportunity. This sounds like a legitimate story to us.

The Biden admin is the Obama admin is sleazy and corrupt.

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