Fake News: Russian Urinating Presstitute Story Possibly Came From 4 Chan


The story of a 35-page report about Russian spies grooming Trump and holding his alleged urinating prostitutes over him is a complete hoax. If any people in this story are whores it’s some inthe media and their anti-Trump pawns.

Originally, the Sentinel included a link to The Gateway Pundit about this story with a few comments. Since then Zerohedge has done further research. All of this appears to point to the source of the urinating sex/TeamTrump colludes with Putin story and it’s not MI-5 per se.

The Sentinel won’t say this is all true but, as fantastical as it sounds, all that follows is verifiable.

A Story Spread on Social Media?

The Trump-Russian spy story appears to have originated on twitter as a hoax and then discussed on a website called 4 Chan, which is something like reddit, only much less reliable. 4 Chan likes to pull hoaxes and then laugh at the suckers who pick the stories up.

It appears that an anonymous person passed off the Trump scandal story to a GOP consultant/never Trumper/Anti-Russia/Buzzfeed reporter named Rick Wilson. He is closely allied with Evan McMullin, the ne’er-do-well RINO from Utah who tried to stop Trump in his home state.

It is believed Wilson is the source of the “British intelligence” article given to John McCain who in turn gave it to the FBI.

Someone leaked the disgusting 35-page document containing zero evidence to Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed gave the public the false impression it was an intelligence file.

Clapper has since issued a statement saying it did not come from the intelligence community; NBC News reported yesterday that the intelligence community called it “political junk”; and a former spy/British ambassador is in hiding, not answering questions according to The Daily Mail.

4 Chan claims to be the source and the dates appear to fit and all are verifiable.

How It Went Down

This is how it allegedly went down.

On October 27, “Anonymous” writes that “mfw managed to convince CTR [Clinton PAC] and certain (((journalists))) on Twitter” there’ll be “an October surprise on Trump this Friday”.

The same person follows this up with his comment about being surprised the “idiots picked it up”.  It “helped some fatass on RCP wrote an article and started writing about it (his own idea). It’s already too late, CTR can’t stop it, it’s organic”, he wrote.

Next, “Anonymous” is writing about autistic Twitter followers and certain types like Hillbots and black Bernie supporters convincing Rick Wilson he had inside information about a Trump tape, preying on Rick Wilson’s wishful thinking.

On October 31st, leftist David Corn tweeted about Russian intelligence grooming Trump and a veteran spy giving it to the FBI.

“Anonymous” discusses it on 4 Chan again, talking about them picking up what he was talking about and adding a Russian spy angle. He says, “Guys, they’re truly desperate. There are no remaining Trump scandals that are credible.”

He calls the Russian spy angle “bullshit”, says he’s changing his “sock puppet account” from pro-Clinton to pro-Trump. What started out as “revenge” and a “joke”, he finds to be “surreal”, he says on 4 Chan.

On January 10th, Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith tweets that the report is unverified and they have reason to doubt its authenticity but they’re posting it anyway. One reason they posted it, he wrote, is because the report reached the highest levels of government.

Reporters and others then exchange a number of tweets about the stupidity of Buzzfeed in posting it.

Rick Wilson is now being mooched on 4 Chan.

Wikileaks and others have joined in the rebukes.

The tech expert named in the bogus document was never contacted by US intelligence.

Zerohedge posted a number of the exchanges with the links. You can view them on this link.

Who knows?

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