Fake Republican Jeff Flake Threatens to Impeach President Trump


Disgraced and a failure, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona promises to impeach President Trump if he makes one move in particular. He’s the new Maxine!

Fake Flake, a Never-Trumper dramatically begged the President not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, the lawyer leading the witch hunt into Russia-Trump collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

He argued that by firing Mueller, Trump would prompt a constitutional crisis that could only be resolved by impeachment.

Disingenuously, he said, “No one wants that outcome, Mr. President, please don’t go there.”

Trump has assured everyone continuously that he won’t fire Mueller. No one has said Mueller is being fired except Democrats and a few fake Republicans.

He Was Joined By The Other Fakes

Before Flake tweeted, Lindsey Graham, another fake Republican, suggested firing Mueller would only make things worse for Trump.

Even though no one is impeding the witch hunter, Senator McCain lashed out in his tweet.

The non-stop 24/7 assault on President Trump and his family will continue unabated until they can impeach him or imprison him.

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5 years ago

He’s a cheap opportunist looking for a big job. And the Arizona party has not censured him as they did to McCain.