Fake Students Fill Up to 50% of Some California Community College Classes


Fake bots are now signing up for California community colleges, seemingly to get financial aid dollars for her online courses. That is money that was lost and will never be repaid. A professor of criminal justice at Pierce College, Kim Rich said about a third of her class were fake students. She said some classes had 5% fake students, others 10%, and some had 50%. It’s costing millions of dollars. Rich discovered students were submitting plagiarized work and that led her to search for the students via google. That’s when she discovered they were fake students.

The school chose to not investigate and they still haven’t over a PC attitude. The interview is well worth watching. There is much more to the story.

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10 months ago

first we Amerikans have to pay for pubic skuls we cannot use (communist/brainwashing)…. now this?