False claims of President Trump ‘losing it’ over these tweets


The Twitter mob is calling the President insane and claim he’s losing it for accurate tweets. There isn’t one insane comment among them.

Obviously, the Left claims the election was the most secure ever, and no one is allowed to disagree.

Trump tweeted: If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death. Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!

The DOJ does know mail-in balloting is fraudulent. We know that because retired attorney general Bill Barr said it would likely be rife with fraud. Yet, he did little, if anything, to stop it.

Trump also tweeted: The “Justice” Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, despite overwhelming evidence. They should be ashamed. History will remember. Never give up. See everyone in D.C. on January 6th.

President Trump is also concerned about the Russia hoax that seriously damaged his presidency. We agree, “Where the hell is the Durham Report?”

Trump wrote: Where the hell is the Durham Report? They spied on my campaign, colluded with Russia (and others), and got caught. Read the Horowitz Reports about Comey & McCabe. Even the Fake News @nytimes said “bad”. They tried it all, and failed, so now they are trying to steal the election!

None of that sounds crazy to us. President Trump was the only president in decades who was here for the American people. The establishment didn’t like that.

President Trump also tweeted this:

President Trump also wants a larger cash payment for suffering Americans. And he wants the pork cut out of the absurd NDAA and the Porkulus COV bill. For that, he gets reactions like this one from Tambourine.

There are false claims of Martial Law and there are reactions to that. Truth doesn’t matter. Only rumors from anonymous or fake sources matter.

Did you know that our stunning, elegant First Lady, a top model at one time, was never on a magazine cover? Meanwhile, they gush over the ‘gorgeous’ Michelle and ‘beautiful’ fake doctor Jill.

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Night Ranger Guitars
Night Ranger Guitars
2 years ago

Melania could make a burlap sack and hecho en Mexico made from old tire sandals look great.
So 2016 was a wide open hack-a-thon but 2020 is the mostest secures evarz?
Bwahaha! They must think that everyone has a 20 second Tweeter attention span just like their useless idiot true believer followers.
Losing it? Are you now or have you ever been a mental health professional. I rest my case.
Lefties always read way too much into things along with the one size fits all and the I love it so you must love it as well.
Ummm…NO. There is that magic word that triggers lefty.

2 years ago

“Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

What should we expect from Rich Mitch? He’s a swamp creature with a Chinese wife.