Joel Pollack’s epic rip into Marie Antoinette Pelosi and a Dem blatherer


The video below is soooo accurate. Speaker Pelosi, a wicked woman, wouldn’t allow any COV relief bills because she didn’t want Trump to look good — as she actually said. Now, we hear President Trump is being blamed for this absolutely awful COV relief bill and NDAA. He vetoed the NDA which tabled the COV bill which does things like make sure there is gender equality among statues.

Steve Mnuchin offered Pelosi a $1.8 trillion stimulus bill, including a $1200 direct payment. She said ‘no’ because she wanted to wait until after the election and not potentially make Trump look good.

Joel Pollack gives an epic comeback to the Dem prevaricator on the Newsmax panel with him:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Pollack has moved left and driven millions from Breitbart. He does this PR stunt in response. We do not need him to teach us anything about Pelosi. He was soft on Pelosi the entire time leading up to the election.

Alfred E. Newman Taught Me
Alfred E. Newman Taught Me
1 year ago

Here is what we are dealing with, during the coffee klatsch chat after Christmas shindigs an elder says…African Americans, Hispanics and suburban women voted for Biden.
I said wow so that segment of the population totals more than 70 million and then the uncouth, boorish, mr. horny guy, bad orange tweets mean ol’ Trump blather set in.
It was time for that can’t miss paint drying video on tube.
My care factor is usually zero and it is mistaken for arrogance.
Let them eat keto gluten free ice cream using the EBT card charged up by Xi Biden.