Falsified US history by The NY Times — the truth about 1619


Once the United States abolished the despicable Jim Crow laws of the Dixiecrat Democrats, systemic racism began to disappear. Those systemically racist laws literally ruined the progress the black people were making after slavery. Jim Crow kept them from land ownership, decent schools, and living a life of equality.

Democrats still like Jim Crow laws, only now they are aimed at whites alone. Their laws favoring all people over whites are systemically racist laws.

Last night, a history scholar was on Life, Liberty and Levin. Professor Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, expressed his deep concerns about the 1619 Project, a new, dishonest telling of history that is currently in 3500 school districts so far. It is anti-American and anti-White. It is also anti-Semitic.

None of what you are being told in this retelling is true, and it was concocted by non-historians who are also left-wing journalists.

A newspaper, the NY Times, thinks they have the right to re-write history.

Watch these next two clips:

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2 years ago

Ironic that Carlos Slim a Mexican Oligarch from a country where only the families of Spanish Conquistadors are allowed to own and currently own all the land enslaving the peasants who seek to migrate to US is lecturing US on morality of Slavery !

Peter Riviera
Peter Riviera
2 years ago

There only TWO truths about the year 1619 in what was then the ‘new’ world.

1619 was the first year subsequent to the year 1618; and
1619 was the year prior to the year 1620.

Everything else you’re being told about 1619 by the fallacious LEFT, are lies designed to deceive The People. Believe them at your own peril.