Our country is being destroyed – Levin and Miller explain


It’s the textbook dictionary definition of unprecedented.

~ Stephen Miller

When the Left first claimed that objections to illegal immigration were racist, we were shocked. It never even occurred to us that the “browning of America” was an issue. It’s nonsense.

That isn’t what people care about.

It’s obvious that the racist rants from the Left are only meant to hide their real intent.

As Mark Levin and Stephen Miller discuss, these absurd, moronic policies are resulting in the destruction of everything this nation stands for and they need to shout racism to shut down the opposition.

No country in the world allows unfettered immigration. The countries the aliens come from don’t allow it.

Our country is letting it happen because we have been held hostage by the “racism” allegation for more than a decade. It’s destroying America, and it’s deliberate.

Miller explains why it’s happening in the clip below.


Watch this too:

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