Famed attorney Lin Wood gives an update on Kyle Rittenhouse


As we reported, prominent attorney Lin Wood has assembled a legal team that will defend the Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse pro bono.

He believes the videos prove the 17-year-old shooter acted in self-defense. He is not going to speak about the boy’s personal life at this time, but he cautioned people to ignore the rumors going around. Wood said Kyle is “a fine young boy blessed with a good family.”




Attorney Wood is working on this for free and there is a fund to help Rittenhouse.


Another lie — Kyle did not take a gun across state lines. It was his friend’s gun and his friend is a Wisconsin resident.


John Pierce and other attorneys have been engaged on Kyle’s behalf.


Rittenhouse showed no malicious intent during the day of the shooting:

Famed attorney Lin Wood gives an update on Kyle Rittenhouse



  1. Thank you Attorney Lin. You are a credit to your profession. Hpwebver,let me speak the truth about the vermin who nest in the DA’s office in Kenosha. The only criminals are the DA and prosecutors in Wisconsin who indicted Rittenhouse who is an American hero who stood up for the rights of all Americans to defend their lives and property from the communist vermin attempting to kill him. Far more dangerous than ANTIFA or the BLM are their allies in shirts and ties who will arrest and prosecute on such ridiculous charges. The video shows clearly that Rittenhouse reacted in self-defense because his life was in immediate danger. Let’s make the lives of the filthy vermin who are leading this prosecution miserable. Maybe Soros and his ChiCom paymasters can use them to haul garbage in Beijing

    • Under the radar, with little fanfare, George Soros has spent $200 BILLION, and dedicated several years systematically seating Radical Left Wing traitors as state AGs and prosecutors. There has not been NEARLY enough attention called to this and yet, it is, BY FAR, the most dangerous situation any can imagine. Far more threatening than Soros’ street warriors of antifa and BLM.


  2. Apparently this same DA is prosecuting another person who, essentially, did the same. A woman who killed their attacker or abuser. Many have said he needs to drop the charges.

  3. Won’t make any difference to the prosecutor in this case who is probably one of those George Soros promoted Bolsheviks.

  4. Kyle spent the day cleaning up graffiti.
    Then someone threw a Molotov cocktail at a kid.
    Then a minor was chased by a convicted pedophile.
    Then someone kicked him in the head.
    Then a felon pointed a gun at his head.

    They’re mad because the child survived.

  5. Tucker Carlson had a citizen journalist on his show last night. The man was an UP CLOSE WITNESS to what transpirred. This was CLEARLY self defense and this IS what we will be seeing far more of.

    When police are either not present or ordered to stand down, WeThePpl must defend ourselves. They give us no alternative.

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