Rand Paul discusses his brush with violent ‘protesters,’ ‘it’s not normal what’s going on here’


Senator Rand Paul said people “can’t walk down the street safely” in D.C. now — “that’s how bad it is.” There were mobs blocking the streets, and then, it got worse — they recognized him.

The crowd kept growing as people yelled out his name to others nearby.


Senator Rand Paul, his wife, and two friends had left the building where they listened to the President’s RNC speech. They attempted to head for their hotel when the mob gathered around them.

The police came to their aid and decided to wait for reinforcements.

The lunatics kept threatening to kill him, among other things. As the crowd grew, the police decided they had better leave.

The insane crowd screamed in the foulest language, threatening to “f them up,” “kill him,” and so on.

“This is happening in all our cities,” Paul said, but the media isn’t reporting it.

The mob screamed, demanding he say ‘Breonna Taylor’s’ name.

Paul is the one who has been a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. He penned the Breonna Taylor bill to get rid of ‘no-knock’ warrants.

Senator Paul said people were following them into the hotel and it’s not safe for them to walk the streets of the nation’s capital. He warned that politicians walking through the capital need constant security. He feels there is something “abnormal” going on.  He feels there is interstate criminal traffic funding these lunatics. They were paid to do this and the FBI needs to investigate. The people paying for this are inciting riots and that is illegal.

The people in the mob were capable of killing us or hurting us badly, Paul said.

These criminals had fresh clothes, stayed in nice hotels, some came in planes, and he thinks they are paid.

If Biden wins, the entire country will be Portland, he warned.


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