Far Left Groups Campaign to Remove Trump from the Ballot


Two far-left ‘civil rights’ organizations are campaigning to pressure state governments to disqualify former President Trump from appearing on ballots in 2024.

Mi Familia Vota, an open borders group, and Free Speech for People absurdly claim secretaries of state are empowered by the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from running for office over the J6 riot. They are falsely calling the riot/rally an insurrection.

They plan a week of rallies and banner drops outside the offices of the secretaries of state of California, Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia.

They also wrote a letter to Nevada’s secretary of state, a Democrat, Cisco Aguilar.

“We’re really focusing on Nevada and California and [Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia] to make sure that they are taking a stand by disqualifying Trump in those spaces, which is something that the secretary of state can do,” said Héctor Sánchez, executive director of Mi Familia Vota.

The groups are calling their campaign “Trump is Disqualified” and are timing it to coincide with the 155th anniversary of the 14th Amendment.

This will involve endless lawsuits.

Donald Trump in Fargo, ND, 2018

No one knows if they can do it or not.

Shouldn’t we all petition to have Biden’s name removed from the ballot under the 25th Amendment?

Absurdly, according to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), it’s unclear whether the clause bans people from being president — an office not explicitly mentioned in Section 3 — and whether the events of Jan. 6 rise to the level of “insurrection or rebellion against” the United States.

But at least one official in New Mexico, Couy Griffin, was removed from his position as elected county commissioner for his role in the attack [that wasn’t an attack, but a riot/rally].

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