Far-Left Host: Puberty-Blockers “Can Cause Irreparable Harm”


On an episode of the “Sitch & Adam Show,” Young Turks’ host, Ana Kasparian, a very far-left reporter, told the audience that she was wrong about a lot of things. For example, she admitted that powerful puberty-blocking drugs “can cause irreparable harm” to children.

Puberty blockers are exactly as the term suggests. They block children from physically developing normally and are given to children as young as eight.

She explained that she began to change her mind about some issues when she saw that her liberal peers were “incessantly gaslighting” her about the crime wave that occurred in 2020.

Kasparian criticized the Left’s “attacks on straight-news journalists who are doing their jobs.”

That takes me to the London Trans Pride parade, a bizarre spectacle. The paraders claim they want to protect trans children.

Who really believes children should be introduced into this life? It is not something to be proud of.

Does anyone believe that puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries for children are protecting them?

What, exactly, are these marchers proud of? Have they saved lives, cured cancer, won a soccer game, anything?

They keep pretending they are under attack, but no one’s attacking them.

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