Far Left TV Has a Problem – No Viewers! Okay…They Have a Few


Far left TV is cratering, and Fox is picking up the stragglers. MSNBC and CNN have been caught spreading misinformation and disinformation regularly. Donald Trump’s hate TV has run its course.

Rachel Maddow returned from working on other projects on Monday nights, with Alex Wagner taking over Tuesday through Friday. It’s doing a nose dive faster than a Rottweiler with firecrackers strapped to its back.

“‘Alex Wagner Tonight’ had averaged 1.6 million viewers through two weeks compared to 2.6 million for ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ when it aired on Mondays during that two-week span, as Wagner shed over 30% of Maddow’s audience. Maddow also pulled in 241,000 viewers from the advertiser-coveted 25-to-54 age demographic during that time, compared to only 163,000 for Wagner,” Fox News reported.

“Additionally, Wagner has lost nearly 30% of viewers in the key demo, going from 183,000 in her debut to 112,000 in last Friday’s broadcast, falling from first to seventh among MSNBC offerings.”

Maddow is working on other projects for the rest of the week. She gets $30 million a year to work one day a week. Why work more?

The network gambled on Alex Wagner being able to carry the show with Maddow starting off the week. That was a bad bet.

None of the shows on MSNBC are doing well. They can’t hold up against Fox. The one good thing for them is they’re not as bad as CNN. The exceptions are when Sharpton or Menendez appear on Sundays; then CNN even beats them.

The Five is still the most watched. It beats out Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters.

Newsmax doesn’t hold up either, but it’s a fledgling network.

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