Klaus Schwab Explains How They Will Be Masters of the World


Klaus Schwab, the President of the World Economic Forum, spoke at yet another World Governance Summit. The globalists have frequent forums, and it’s always about taking over the world. At this Summit, Schwab promoted his Fourth Industrial Revolution and outlined a plan for elites to become Masters of the World. The peasants will be turned into machines serving the masters.

An unelected megalomaniac, Schwab is planning policies to set us all up for this new world order.

Schwab is thrilled with the partisan little Chatbot AI, digital technologies, gene editing, and other new technologies. He and his elite followers plan to master the world and have us all march in lockstep into the digital world of apps. Apps will enable them to control us through surveillance and digital money.

Globalists are bragging about enslaving us. Listen to what Schwab and company say in the clips. Who would want this arrogant tyrant ruling over them? He wants to take control of the world like a god.

This man invented The Fourth Industrial Revolution. He takes credit for predicting technologies that the TV show Star Trek also came up with in the 1960s.

Schwab says whoever masters the technologies will be the master of the world. No one should want this awful replacement for God.

By the way, Schwab has said that Nikki Haley will be one of his young global leaders.

Klaus Schwab says we have to re-globalize the world to deal with existential issues (that they cause).

One of his concerns is how to shape the necessary policies to ensure new technologies serve humankind. [Who elected this guy?] His other concern is change goes so fast; how can we make sure each citizen can deal with the change he doesn’t understand? He thinks government also has a big role in this. They will on the controlling end. We saw how that worked during the pandemic.

Nationalism and sovereignty are in the way of the WEF. Could that be why our borders are erased? If you wonder why America First was demolished at every turn, consider that our leaders are globalists.

Bremmer is right that the pandemic made them stronger. It made the people weaker, as they made us mask, stay at home, lose our livelihoods, and obey completely.

Klaus Schwab’s favorite philosopher is excited about the growing surveillance state.He thinks we are developing divine power.

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