China Balloon Had Western Parts and Joe’s Story Doesn’t Wash


Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper doubts the Biden administration’s explanation of the China balloon.

That’s a good bet since Biden doesn’t tell the truth and is compromised with China due to his son’s influence peddling. Don’t forget; Joe is the Big Guy.

According to the Daily Caller, Mark Esper said Joe’s explanation for the balloons is questionable.

“I did not understand it because, as best we know, there has been no communication between Washington and Beijing at the highest levels in the last week or ten days, and it just makes no sense; clearly relationship has taken a hit here, because of the Chinese actions, it was such a brazen act for them to do this,” Esper went on to say

“It’s a major breach, they not only violated our airspace but our sovereignty, and they have done something that in my memory no other country, no other country that threatens us, has done in my lifetime, and that is sent so brazenly a surveillance system through our airspace observable by the American people, and have it loiter in places here and then continue to travel across the United States,” Esper asserted during an interview on “America Reports.”


Esper stated that some recovered parts from the balloon downed Saturday had Western components, a sign that materials were illegally diverted to the Chinese military and Ministry for State Security.

“We need to find out. I said several days ago that once we recover the instrumentation, I think we would find, we’d be alarmed to find Western components. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find U.S. components in the instrumentation,” Esper explained.

The balloon carried a payload and just as easily carried a bomb or released a virus. That could be the message.


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