Fauci-Birx want you to wear goggles or a shield, you can decorate it with bling


Dr. Anthony Fauci is suggesting that people wear goggles or some other type of eye protection or a shield to better protect themselves from COVID-19. 

And he wants you to wear it with face masks.

The CDC has already recommended people wear some kind of eye covering, but neither the CDC nor Dr. Fauci has pushed wearing goggles because they are not as easily available as face masks.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, recommended the use of face shields in addition to masks.

She said you can decorate them. [Don’t do it. People will think you’re insane.]

“The mask protects others, to block those droplets and block that contamination that happens when you speak or sing or talk, or even breathe,” Birx said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning.

“The thing about the face shields — we think that could protect the individuals and that it would decrease the ability for them to touch their eyes and spread the virus as well as those droplets coming towards them. So there are two different technologies for two different reasons.”

Maybe we should all walk around in space suits or bubble suits.

Birx said you can decorate your shield with bling or glitter. The woman is insane.


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