Fauci says entire economy has to be shut down to stop the virus


Dr. Fauci testified before a House subcommittee on Friday on a national strategy for combating the Coronavirus.

He said we would not have much of a surge if we shut down the entire economy, which is already in dangerous territory. It’s shrinking and many businesses are folding.

Fauci told Congress on Friday that the U.S. is seeing a surge of COVID cases, compared with Europe, because Europe shut down by 95% and the U.S. only shut down 50% of the economy.

He has zero concern for anything but the virus. He makes this stuff up as he goes along, and is oblivious to the harm to Americans.

Fauci is suggesting we should have dismantled all economic engines. If we did, it would certainly allow us to become a socialist society, putting everyone on the government dole.

Fauci is a collectivist and loves the one-size-fits-all concept.

Didn’t Fauci say we only had to shut down to flatten the curve to keep hospitalizations under control?

Democrats fueled the riots once the lockdown began. Think about that.

President Trump strongly disagreed and tweeted that we tested more people, accounting for the larger number of cases. The media says that is a conspiracy theory.

Wrong! We have more cases because we have tested far more than any other country, 60,000,000. If we tested less, there would be less cases. How did Italy, France & Spain do? Now Europe sadly has flare ups. Most of our governors worked hard & smart. We will come back STRONG!”, Trump tweeted.

There are flare-ups in Europe as well as the USA as the President said.




  1. Shit down Fauci he’s sounding as erratic as Biden. He’s 80 y/o and stuck on repeat. What he knows about economics and the effect it has on the of overall well being of people mentally and emotionally wouldn’t fill a urine cup.

    Preach to the protesters Fauci see how well that influences them.

    Shut down and contain and restrain Protesters/rioters//anarchists. Shut down Alcatraz as a tourist attraction and place them on that rock surrounded by those shark infested waters.

  2. I’m really beginning to believe this “doctor” is a Quack. He sang a completely different tune some years back, In Everything, including using anecdotal studies of medicines. One ‘fact’ about Europe that he doesn’t want to admit is, Europe was well ahead of us in the epidemic.

    He makes excuses about his previous mask recommendation as being concerned over supply. Those comments were Not in such a tone to reflect that assertion. I suspect his continued “hype” is due to his own ego and being in the spotlight with such adoring press. It is clear by his reactions to his previous “expert” opinions, that he is now confronted with. He is overly defensive with his efforts to “prove” he was right in those cases also.

    It is one hell of an arrogant person to suggest shutting down 95% of any country. Those in Fauci’s position, including the media, have little to be concerned with during such a shutdown. Researchers had predicted such a shutdown “would” case a greater spike afterwards. We now know flattening the curve was also a myth. There was never a crisis in medical care. It had been suggested Italy was the model to be concerned about. It was only revealed later that their situation wasn’t unusual and happened in times past.

    All this concern over “cases” has to be the biggest load of crap ever devised. But it’s makes for good fear mongering. I went to the store yesterday and every single person had a mask, except me, and I’d probably be in that class that should be worried to death.

    • He is a quack. He speaks in slogans, changes his positions, is vague, far overreaches his authority, and nearly never talks science. He’s an obvious mouthpiece for the sabotage of the US economy and the Trump[ campaign.

      There are so many ways to discredit him, one is his financial ties.

  3. Fauci has reached this key moment in his career, after achieving major financial and professional success through manipulation. He now uses what he has built up to inflict as much damage as possible, as an ego boost.

    He was involved in the production of the virus. He illegally financed the lab and is associated with various universities such as UNC, which transferred technology and samples to Wuhan. For him to do this and not be held accountable shows to me that this was an intelligence operation.

  4. Many medical men are a lot like politicians: they want all the power they can grab. Fauci is the epitome of the self-absorbed, self-proclaimed expert. He wants the power and prestige he can milk out of this virus, and he’ll say and do anything at all that he thinks might extend his reach.

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