President to ban TikTok but they brazenly say they’re not going anywhere


The music app TikTok presents a huge security risk to Americans. The Chinese Communist Party, which basically owns it, is reportedly using the app to gather information about every user and anyone who is connected to the user. They are allegedly censoring as well.

They could map America with TikTok.

The youth and leftists love it, but it is now banned by all branches of the military, the Pentagon, the White House, and Joe Biden.

President Trump said he planned to ban it as soon as tomorrow, but the company says it is going nowhere.

The U.S. general manager, Vanessa Pappas, a shill for communist China, says they are not going anywhere. The ballsy manager warns President Trump will be killing 10,000 American jobs. They say they employ 15,000 people and would hire another 10,000.

Pappas said, “we’re not going anywhere,” and she wants Americans to “stand with TikTok.” She’s trying to rile up the 80 million users against the administration.

The Chinese Communist owner Bytedance is desperately looking for a U.S. owner of the U.S. operations in exchange for a small minority stake. Microsoft is interested in purchasing it, but it is not working as a negotiating tactic with President Trump. He said he opposes the deal, and Microsoft has paused negotiations.

The latest report says Bytedance has agreed to sell all of TikTok to Microsoft.


The soldiers are allegedly told to rape the women and there are mandatory abortions. Uighurs are forced into re-education camps or permanently placed in gulags.

It’s bad news.

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