Gov Brown, where are the Oregon State Police we were promised


Independent reporter Drew Hernandez has recorded the latest behaviors of the Portland Antifa, and there is no sign of the Oregon State Police who are supposed to be the buffers for law enforcement. The State Police were supposed to get the anarcho-communists under control.

Governor Brown is an apparent liar. She lied about federal law officers leaving and she’s lying about the State Police getting the anarchists under control.

As you can see from these clips, there is no sign of the Oregon State Police.

They are still setting fires., but for them, this is calm:

Black Lives Matter is also present in Portland:

The looting continues:

They are mostly fighting among themselves:

They bring their babies, it’s child abuse:


No violence from the DHS, they are not instigating these lunatics:

Governor Brown, where are the State Police?

The funders, Riot Ribs is gone but they now get out iof state donations:

This is their menu:

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