Fauci the fascist talks mandatory vaccines to do anything, go anywhere


Upon being asked, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top bureaucratic infectious disease expert, told Newsweek, “I’m sure” some individual institutions will make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory, while it is “quite possible” that the COVID-19 vaccine could become a required travel vaccine when visiting other countries.

He added, “Everything will be on the table for discussion” when asked if he will be discussing the possibility of introducing COVID-19 vaccine passports and potential mandatory vaccinations at a local level, including in schools, in his role as chief medical adviser to President-elect Biden.

He Wil Be Biden’s Top Advisor

Fauci did admit that “It’s not up to me to make a decision. But these are all things that will be discussed [under the Biden administration].”

He doesn’t believe there will be a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate because “we almost never mandate things federally [with regards to health],” he told Newsweek.

“I’m not sure it’s [the COVID-19 vaccine] going to be mandatory from a central government standpoint, like federal government mandates. But there are going to be individual institutions that I’m sure are going to mandate it.

In other words, they know they can’t make it mandatory nationwide. But they just won’t let you do anything or go anywhere.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Outlines His Top Priority for Working With Joe Biden

“For example, influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines are mandated at many hospitals. Here at the NIH [National Institutes of Health], I would not be allowed to see patients if I didn’t get vaccinated every year with flu and get vaccinated once with Hepatitis [B]. I have to get certified every year…if I didn’t, I couldn’t see patients.”

“So in that regard, I would not be surprised, as we get into the full scope of [COVID-19] vaccination, that some companies, some hospitals, some organizations might require [COVID-19] vaccination.”

The infectious diseases pencil pusher believes schools might make it mandatory. “That is possible but that’s something that’s mandated at the state level and city level. A citywide school system might require it in some cities but not other cities. And that’s what I mean by things not being done centrally but locally.”

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2 years ago

Fauci spoke about Covid in relation to the 1918 Pandemic. Seems he’s trying to re-create those same circumstances.


2 years ago

We can be assured the current lockdowns (house arrest) will continue indefinitely, because “a rather strict adherence” to restrictions and rules will be seen as a failure by the public at large. Whatever the difficulty the fault will lie with the public. We are living in the Age of Expertocracy, devoid of common-sense thinking, and replaced with constant-loop thinking. In comparison, a computer program that has an indefinite loop cannot be stopped in any way except by powering it down. It’s time we power-down the Expertocrats and regain out lives, and sanity.

Billy Mack PI
Billy Mack PI
2 years ago

Immunity Passports are part of the Great Reset leap forward. Das Bunker time if Beijing Biden and Kommie-La get in.
How much will comrade kommissar Fraudski make on the not mandatory vaccine?
The Peter Principle government where failure just keeps you rolling up the hierarchy.
A mark to buy and sell, where have I read that before. Hmm…so hmm.