Calls to enslave whites, set up a race offender register, and more


Sasha Johnson, a UK radical leftist, has created a new party that excludes white people from leadership roles. She has tweeted about ‘enslaving whites’. Johnson is an intersectional leftist.

The UK radical self-describes as the Black Panther of Oxford reports The Daily Mail.

Johnson has called for ‘Holocaust-style’ reparations for all black people and a sex offenders-style ‘race offense register.’

She has branded Labour MPs David Lammy and Diane Abbott ‘tokenistic’ for not adhering to her particular radical beliefs or having more power in parliament.

One could write her off as another nutjob but the way things are going, she’s likely dangerous.

Johnson came to public prominence at London BLM protests. Now, she’s an ‘executive member’ of the BLM-inspired Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

TTIP hasn’t laid out the specific offenses that would warrant inclusion on the registry but said people who had merely been “accused” would be included.

Anyone who disagrees with Johnson has been a target of her cruelty. Over the summer, videos were posted showing her repeatedly calling a black man a racial slur because he disagreed with her, suggesting he would end up on her own registry. She has also discussed enslaving white people on her Instagram account.

In addition to her work for TTIP, Johnson also works with a U.K. organization called the New Black Panthers Party “and has called for the establishment of a ‘black militia’ in the UK,” the Mail reported.



  1. Read a page a while back that said presmident Kommie-La will treat racism as a health issue.
    Right out of the Soviet Union but what else would you expect in a Branch Covidians world gone insane.
    Total corruption leads to total collapse.
    Don’t drink the demockcracy Kool-Aid, comrade.

    • No. It doesn’t. Something people like you need to get through their heads is that to “anti-racism” experts and activists,who ARE increasingly powerful in all Western countries, “racism” is not “being mean to people based on their skin color”. It is not even an action. It is a metaphysical state similar to “the devil’s work” during the Salem Witch Trials. Their definition of “racism” is deliberately constructed so as to make it impossible to argue that you are NOT a racist,after they accuse you. It also is constructed in such a way,not hinging on mean actions to people of other races as it is,that you will NEVER turn it back on the brown or black wielders of this ideology. In the minds of the cult members who associate with them,they CANNOT be racist BECAUSE they hate and want to kill White people,whereas you CANNOT be non-racist because you are White and don’t want to kill people because of their skin color.

      This is a similar mass hysteria phenomenon to the Inquisition or the Salem Witch Burnings and it has and will lead to mass murder against those labeled “racists”.

  2. All communist / Marxists in the USA need to be round up and sent to death camps for elimination. That is the only way to deal with a pos communist. How long is it going to take before people understand what needs to be done to this menace called communism and to those who are attempting to implement it in our country?

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