FB denies memo demanding jobs go to H-1B applicants over Americans


The confidential Facebook memorandum explicitly stated: “Priority may be given to H-1B applicants from China and Korea to foster larger communities of diverse workers at Facebook.”

The memo also framed benefits to the company for prioritizing foreign nationals over Americans.

Additional highlights include:

  • Facebook Denies “Authenticity” of Leaked H-1B Memo Favoring Korean, Chinese Workers Over Americans
  • Social Media Giant’s H-1B’s Policies Not Public While March 2020 Memo Circulated, U.S. Unemployment Skyrocketed
  • Company Ignores Employee Concerns, Insider: “I Came Forward to Right a Wrong”

This is the memo:

This is as China is spying on us and working to destroy us internally.

The brave Insiders who have come to Project Veritas, ask only two things from us: that we report honestly the facts they expose and that we will have their backs.

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Bruce Nemec
Bruce Nemec
2 years ago

No body should be that surprised but most are just ignorant of what corporations do to make a buck. Same reason why manufacturing shifted to China and Engineering services shifted to India. Its all about higher profit margins by paying H1B holders a lesser wage. I have heard of large multi billion dollar MNC’s bringing in plane loads of H1B visa holders from India and then telling their current US employees to train those people in the job they do under the guise of opening another operation in India. Only to find out that they were actually training their replacements. I have seen the extensive level of Indian workers at some companies as US workers get “filtered” out. Disgraceful and it has nothing to do with making a “diverse” workforce and everything to do with money.

Olga TheRussianSpy
Olga TheRussianSpy
2 years ago

Is anyone really surprised by this? I am not, a lot of companies are doing this now, it is a disgrace. Why have your company only to not higher it’s population.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Of course they should deny this memo. Korean and Chinese workers were never given preference over Americans. No, Facebook is a tech company so it wasn’t Koreans or Chinese at all, they gave the incompetent H1-B Indians preference over everybody else.