Leftist group demands Cornell silence the last conservative professor


“we further urge the administration to critically examine the views of the individuals they intend to employ”

Probably the last conservative at Cornell, Professor William A. Jacobsen faces a move to boycott his classes because he criticized [the anarcho-communist] Black Lives Matter on his blog. The leftists also don’t like the fact that he documented the toxic culture that he believes has overtaken Cornell.

Cornell University’s Black Law Students Association has issued a call for fellow students to boycott Professor William Jacobson’s classes in the wake of his criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. This is pure Stalinism and anti-intellectualism.

Instead of debating, they are trying to get him fired and are calling for a boycott of his classes.

In an open letter posted to Facebook on Monday, and which is now circulating among Cornell law students and faculty members, the group is pressing members and student allies to avoid Jacobson’s classes. “As the course selection period approaches, we encourage our membership and our allies to reconsider studying under an individual whose views perpetuate hatred towards their fellow students,” the letter says.

This was prompted by Jacobson writing earlier this month that the outrage from Black Lives Matter activists after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer was part of a left-wing campaign “to implement an anti-American, anti-Capitalist agenda.”

There is a great deal of evidence to support that.

That blog post and another critical of the activist movement have sparked calls for his dismissal, and nearly two dozen Cornell faculty members, in a letter published in the student newspaper, denounced what they characterize as a “smear campaign against Black Lives Matter,” writes Professor Jacobson.

Professor Turley has come out to support his right to speak and the importance of offering differing opinions in universities.

Professor Jacobson has challenged his opponents to debate but they won’t, preferring Stalinism, unsurprisingly.

Professor Jacobson writes:

With the slogan “Silence is Violence” being used at the law school, there will be enormous pressure for student groups to go along. Not to do so would be deemed an act of “violence.”

This is an attempt not just to scare students away from my course, but to scare students away from speaking their minds, and to create a faculty and student purity test.

I have received numerous emails from students telling me I have a lot of “quiet” support at the law school, but that students are afraid to speak out for fear of career-ending false accusations of racism. I deeply appreciate the expressions of support, and I understand why you cannot speak out. You don’t want to be subjected to the type of smear campaign to which I have been subjected.

This toxic atmosphere didn’t need to take place. At a time when the law school desperately needs an adult in the room, so to speak, we have faculty and a Dean who denounce me.

This isn’t activism, it’s anti-intellectualism.

I don’t think it will work, and there will be a backlash. The students I’ve encountered over the past 12 years have been, for the most part, curious, intelligent, and willing to consider other viewpoints. Some of them, having long-since graduated, I consider friends. The students are why I keep doing this, and why I will keep doing this.

Until people speak up, the far-left will continue to proceed in scorched-earth fashion. They have no impediments to their Sherman-like descent on our liberties.


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John Guyygmnup
John Guyygmnup
3 years ago

The liberals of the sixties used freedom of speach and expression as their mantra. Now they are the biggest threat this country has ever had to freedom of speach freedom of the press and the rights of indiviiduals to freely expresstheir opinions.