FB keeps blaming Parler and Gab for Capitol riot planned on FB


Cheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook, keeps blaming Parler and Gab for what happened at the Capitol last week. However, new information keeps surfacing to show that Facebook was the primary place people did the organizing for the siege.

It was planned in advance and the FBI actually visited about a dozen or so individuals on the fringe and tried to talk them into not doing what they were talking about doing.

The FBI fails again!

The original breach had nothing to do with the President’s speech because those people weren’t at the President’s speech. That was the speech the President said literally march peacefully to the Capitol.

For this, the president was censored and banned, deprived of a voice. And he might now be impeached by the Republican Senate that appears to be intent on continuing their suicide mission.

Must Watch Video:
This is an insane video of fringe people. They are Trump supporters but they’re very extreme and bizarre:

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