FB takes down ‘Stop the Steal’ group for organizing rallies


Facebook took down a new group called ‘Stop the Steal,‘ which only formed on Wednesday and grew to an astounding 360,000. They were urging boots on the ground if the Democrats steal the election.

Allegedly, they made baseless claims. We can’t say since we never heard of the group.

It was created by Women for America First, a pro-Trump organization founded by a former Tea Party activist. In an hour of creation, it grew to 25,000.

Honestly, with FB, those numbers for a conservative group would be all they’d need to take it down.

NPR reported:

The group’s description echoed baseless claims that “Democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and nullify Republican votes.” It called for “boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote.”

Posts in the Stop the Steal Facebook group included debunked claims that ballots cast with Sharpie markers were being discarded in Arizona and false allegations that poll workers were tossing out votes for the president. The group was also being used to organize protests at vote-counting centers, and some members discussed arming themselves for violent confrontations.

We don’t know if they advocated violence. If they did, then we’d agree with them being taken down.

My understanding is they were just organizing rallies. Reportedly, they are just ordinary Republican voters defending election integrity. We don’t know if there is cheating, but we do know a lot of odd events need to be investigated.

Zuckerberg gave $100 million to a ‘safe elections’ project run by Obama’s main man David Plouffe. Why can’t Republicans also watch election integrity?

The MSM was after the group and ran negative articles about them. They told Facebook to get after them and censor them.

Rolling Stone reporter EJ Dickson wrote on Twitter that FB is allowing disinformation and violent rhetoric.

Organizing rallies is not violent.

The violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots are called ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ but organized Republican rallies are somehow terrifying and must be stopped.

Oddly, Antifa groups like Smash DC, Smash Racism DC, Antifa International Antifa, Antifa United, Black Lives Matter, and other violent communist organizations are allowed to organize their ‘mostly peaceful protests’ on FB. What is that about?

Women for America First, who were behind Stop the Steal, put the following up on FB:

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