Rep Spanberger, ‘If we run this race again we will get f-ing torn apart again’


A number of Democrats didn’t get what they wanted this election. Comments made by Rep. Spanberger during a Democrat caucus call leaked to a Washington congressional reporter made that clear. It seems that Rep. Spanberger had harsh words for the merry band of socialist women in Congress.

Spanberger, who barely won re-election, told them to not use the word ‘socialism’ ever again nor use the words ‘defund the police’ or they will get creamed in their next race.

Spanberger is likely correct but she will never stop that runaway train. They’re all in on socialism and communism. The new young ‘thought’ leaders of the party are communists. They can’t be stopped, but, nice try.

This is alarming:

Nancy, who has pushed Congress further and further left over the years, thinks she has the mandate to go really far left. The GOP had better win the Senate to keep them under control.

Democrats are after Thom Tillis’ seat now and ballots are starting to appear — all for his opponent, the cheating spouse Cal.

If Democrats thought [communist] Bernie could have won, they gladly would have run him for president. Instead, they gave us Kamala, who is to the left of Bernie.

Who would listen to the advice of Rashida?

Good idea to keep the populace drugged out as they put their horrible policies in place.

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