FB, Twitter, YouTube host Taliban on their platforms


THE INSURRECTIONISTS [Which insurrectionist do you fear?]

It has been widely reported that Taliban leaders used Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter to help capture Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid enjoys free reign on Twitter with an account that has over 300,000 followers.

They also use YouTube.

When are Apple and Amazon going to be- platform them? Oh wait, it’s not as if they are Trump supporters!

Facebook’s WhatsApp has become the de facto communication platform of the Taliban, who reportedly used the service to spread propaganda, communicate with residents of Kabul, and share official statements with the world.

On Monday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that residents welcomed the Taliban and that “the situation in Kabul is under control.” The jihadist group used WhatsApp to disseminate a similar message to Kabul residents as it entered the city. In recent days, Taliban leaders have circulated WhatsApp numbers that Afghan regime officials or soldiers could call to negotiate their surrender.

Facebook banned the group years ago. So much for that.

The group proclaimed that “we are in charge of security for Kabul.” The messages listed telephone numbers in various neighborhoods that citizens should call if they saw problems such as looting or “irresponsible” behavior on the part of armed individuals.

We are all happy to know that we will get daily briefings from the Taliban spokesperson.

YouTube said Tuesday it will “terminate” accounts run by the Afghan Taliban, clarifying its earlier remarks that suggested the group is not banned from the video platform.

Following repeated questions by CNN, YouTube said in a statement that the company “complies with all applicable sanctions and trade compliance laws, including relevant U.S. sanctions. As such, if we find an account believed to be owned and operated by the Afghan Taliban, we terminate it. Further, our policies prohibit content that incites violence.”

YouTube told CNN that because the Afghan Taliban appears on the Treasury Department’s sanctions list, the platform will not allow accounts controlled by the group. It had previously told CNN that it looks to the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations to inform its enforcement policy, but the Afghan Taliban is not named on that list.

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook banned the sitting President of the United States back in January and millions of conservative Christians face shadowbans, deplatforming, and blacklisting at the hands of Big Tech companies.

If you are a Christian conservative in the United States of America you are treated worse and have less freedom online than the Taliban.

The Left is telling the future Democrats that white people are evil and hate them.

Thank a Democrat.

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