FBI Agents Visit a Woman Over Her Social Media Posts


Additional comment added at the end.

Three FBI agents went to a woman’s house in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to question her about flagged Facebook posts. The woman who taped the agents is a Muslim woman named Rolla Abdeljuwad.

“We do this every day,” an agent said, trying to sound matter-of-fact, “All day long, we talk to people. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe, make sure that nobody has any ill will or bad intent or anything like that,” responds one of the agents.

She had their license plate number and said local law enforcement confirmed they were FBI.

Her Facebook page is pro-Palestine and anti-Jewish, but it all seemed to fit into her rights to say publicly under the 1st Amendment. I went through her feed.

At one point, she calls for God to destroy “IsraHELL” and links to a video of a bombing.

In the clip on this link on her page, there is a video of a woman screaming about expelling all the Jews from “IsraHELL.” The woman in the clip says Israelis are on stolen land – the food, everything is stolen.

She can say all that under the 1st Amendment.

Conservatives are concerned about the FBI visiting people over FB posts, and that is a concern. All I know is I can’t post on FB for saying harmless, conservative things. They take down anything I write about illegal immigration. They are leaving her posts up but flagging them for the FBI. At least the FBI hasn’t visited my home.

Facebook flagging posts and having the FBI visiting people over them is very concerning. Facebook should not flag things for the FBI. They went to her house unannounced over posts.

Conservatives are defending her free speech on social media, but we don’t know what she might have deleted. Also, why are we importing Islamists into Oklahoma?

Here is one of her posts. The problem I have with this is Hamas are terrorists, not freedom fighters, but FB allows it, and it’s up to them.

She’s engaging in a jihad of pen and tongue, which is allowable under our 1st Amendment.

Notice the “From the river to the sea.” This still comes under the 1st Amendment.


So, I saw this on X and thought I’d add it. This commenter thinks she was accosted because she insulted Joe Biden. I did look for that in her feed because it was the first thought that came to mind, but I didn’t see anything like that.

Correction: This post was originally published without editing for content, and has been corrected.

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