FBI and Social Media Execs Meet Regularly to Align and Censor


FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledges applause during President Barack Obama’s remarks announcing James Comey as the nominee to succeed Mueller, in the Rose Garden of the White House, June 21, 2013.

Senior executives from Google, Twitter, and Facebook (in that order), discuss how regularly their respective companies meet with the FBI to identify which “misinformation” to censor.

~ Maze Moore

The Federalist published a good summary of some of the corruption in the FBI. They explain the corruption in FISA warrants, misleading Congress, the DOJ, Trump, and Gen. Michael Flynn. Also noted were Andrew McCabe’s lies and the Clinton emails. They discuss the Roger Stone debacle, the Hunter Biden suppression, the Jan. 6 distortions, and more. When you get through the article, you will understand why so many of us believe the FBI is irredeemably corrupt.

We have something else you need to know. The now-far-left FBI meets regularly with social media companies. Don’t worry; the meetings are routine and almost weekly. Mostly they meet with the local field office.

Other social media officials said “it’s incredibly regular,” and they meet at least monthly.

The FBI is “aligned and working together with the media” to deal with so-called threats. The government should be nowhere near media.

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