NPR’s Revolting Response to Transitioning Surgeries on Minors


In a radically dishonest article, NPR has taken the side of doctors and hospitals who perform transitioning surgeries and offer puberty blockers to minors. They present their case as a fact check of Libs of TikTok, a social media influencer, and concern about alleged attacks on doctors and hospitals. At the same time, the leftist perverts lost a case that would have forced doctors and hospitals to perform transgender surgeries on minors.

A federal appeals court on Friday blocked President Biden’s Health and Human Services mandate. It forces religious doctors and hospitals to perform transgender procedures — including on children.

This is sick.

In a unanimous ruling from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the three-judge panel said the lower court was right to issue a permanent injunction that protects a healthcare network of nearly 20,000 religious doctors and medical providers from performing abortions and transgender care.

The Catholic hospital group had argued the Biden anti-sex discrimination administration’s rule issued through HHS medical didn’t only mean biological gender. It also extended to LGBTQ individuals.

The Left empowers themselves to rule over everyone in this country with their abusive, immoral values.

They don’t want people to hold religious values that conflict with the state’s corrupt values. And you don’t have to be religious to be concerned about mutilating children. Mutilation surgeries on children come under “gender-affirming care.”


Revolting! NPR wants Big Tech to ban Libs of Tik Tok and to disallow any drawing of attention to “targets that might be harassed.” That only applies to Democrats. They are upset they were exposed. Americans are unaware of how bad things have gotten. Libs of TikTok has done America a service.

NPR quoted Boston Children’s Hospital, National, and others, claiming they do not transition very young children. Libs of Tik Tok proved otherwise in documents on their site, and an audio recording. In fact, one document said they perform the surgeries age 0-21.

Even if what NPR said was true, they seem fine with life-altering puberty blockers for very young children.:

They said care for transgender kids is wide-ranging, from efforts to help children socially transition to puberty-blocking medications, and is undertaken with the input of pediatric psychologists, clinical social workers, hormone experts, and endocrinologists, as well as families. Gender-affirming surgeries are not a routine part of pediatric gender care, they said, and Children’s Minnesota does not perform any such surgeries.

The article in NPR quoted the Soros-Brock rag Media Matters as experts:

“The Libs of TikTok account has been a major actor in driving a lot of the harassment campaigns that we’ve seen over the past year,” said Ari Drennen, LGBTQ program director at Media Matters for America, the liberal advocacy group.

Media Matters is a far-Left attack site aimed at destroying Republicans.

The Left claims transitioning children is “developmentally appropriate:”

The escalating stigmatization of transgender medical care has doctors worried.

“This is a developmentally appropriate, team-based approach that allows kids time to figure out their identities,” said Dr. Goepferd of Children’s Minnesota.

NPR and the leftist child groomers are afraid they will be stopped.

This is where Democrats plan to take you. Are you ready for this? Do you honestly think this is okay to do to children?

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1 year ago

Just defund and close down NPR.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

National Polluted Radio is in league with hospitals and doctors who perform cruel surgeries upon children (think Anthony Fauci Mengele’s orphan children) for the sinister purposes of experimental xenotransplants, biogenetics, and ‘what would happen if’ transmutation surgeries/experiments. All under the evil illusion of “gender reassignment’ so that they can get published in some bogus medical journal and win a stupid obama-type nobel prize. Parents school and guard your kids well since they’re subject to abductions by these very evil people to be experimented on.