FBI Chief Fails to Call the Crime Spree by Name – The BLM Effect


Christopher Wray, a failing FBI chief, said juveniles have added to the drugs, gangs, and illegal guns fueling the crime spree. He failed to mention the root causes, lockdowns, open borders, and the Black Lives Matter Effect.

Christopher Wray

During Senate testimony, in response to a question by Sen. Jon Ossoff, Georgia Democrat, who wanted to know what was behind the rise in violent crime in his state and elsewhere, Wray came up with the juvenile effect. Wray failed to mention open borders or defunding of the police.

“We are seeing, and I hear this from chiefs and sheriffs all the time, as well as our own agents, an alarming uptick in the incidence of juveniles engaging in violence, often graduating from carjackings to even worse violence,” Wray said. “This is a real challenge for the legal system because we’re not set up to very effectively deal with crimes committed by minors.”

Part of that, he said, is “juveniles who post-COVID have not returned to school.”


“That may contribute to the juvenile effect,” he said in testimony to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

In addition to the juveniles, Wray said criminals are slipping through holes either because of backlogs or intentional policies such as prosecutorial discretion or “bail practices.”

In New York, prosecutorial discretion means ignore crimes of even a violent nature because most are committed by black offenders, the same relatively small number of black offenders over and over. They are also let right out of jail due to no-bail laws. Also, the police are defunded and dehumanized. This is the result of demands by Black Lives Matter; hence The Black Lives Matter Effect.

Instead of only mentioning the juvenile effect, he should have called is what it is, the Black Lives Matter Effect. He probably thinks it’s just an “idea.” The BLM Effect is like the Ferguson Effect. Laws are ignored, and no one has the police’s back. Criminals are let out without bail for some very violent crimes.

“There are too many criminals that are being released back onto the streets,” he said, but the trend isn’t universal.

Wray showed littled respect for Republicans in Congress during his testimoney. When he does answer a question, he misleads.

Criminals are protected, but the innocent are imprisoned in the world of the Bidenistas:

Huh? What?

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