FBI Deputy Director Steps Down Immediately, Without Warning


FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe intended to retire in March but appears to have been fired Monday. Officially, he is stepping down immediately. In reality, he has been removed.

McCabe has been accused of operating under conflicts of interest while working the Clinton and Trump probes.

CNBC reports he will stay on “terminal leave” until he is eligible to retire with benefits in March. In other words, he will go on a permanent vacation and then collect.

A hint as to why this happened could be what took place yesterday. FBI Director Wray read the FISA Abuse Memo Sunday, according to Fox News’s Catherine Herridge.

Within 12 hours of Wray reading the Memo, McCabe is booted to the curb.

McCabe is also named in the now-famous memo that will be discussed at 5 p.m. by the House Monday.


According to Howie Kurtz, a media critic and author, McCabe knew there was never any there there in the Russia investigation. He is also accused of leaking.

In his new book “Media Madness,”  Kurtz alleges that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe initiated a meeting last February with then-Chief of Staff Reince Preibus to relay he believed a New York Times piece alleging Trump campaign officials made contact numerous times with Russian intelligence officials was “bullsh*t.”

McCabe initiated the White House meeting that led to a leak. Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist said that this meeting led to the bombshell story which led to a leak.

Here’s a nice summary from the editor of the magazine.

During the presser Monday, Sarah Sanders said the situation today with McCabe stepping down was initiating by the FBI and the White House had no involvement. The President played no role and was not told of the decision.

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5 years ago

Is this really a bombshell that the media is categorizing it as.

He’s “Not” fired but on “leave”. It really sounds no different than when I retired. I expected to receive the 5+ weeks of vacation to be paid in a lump sum. Instead, the company “required” the “use” of that vacation time, which meant I sat at home during that time collecting a paycheck until exhausted and Then I was “officially” retired.

I’m also beginning to wonder whether or not the Memo is as explosive as reported. A few have described it as such, but it’s sounding more and more as a compilation of everything we already know and what has been reported in the past. I suspect Justice “assumed” the worst and concluded it uncovered something they were unaware of. Since it has been viewed there now seems a sense of calm in the whole matter. Gaetz has implied this is the beginning of an investigation, which may lead to more serious matters but as of now it is possibly not as significant as once believed. I had hoped the FISA court declassified document would be the backbone of the Memo, and maybe that is what Justice feared, but I seriously doubt anything in that document will be un-redacted.

And because of the overblown nature of this Memo, it will allow any further serious offenses to be forever covered up, because that initial fury for its release will not again surface. The next time people will shrug their shoulders and basically walk away. “fool me once”. Make no mistake, Congress is part of the “swamp” as every other entity. Let’s not forget, there is a great deal of money in that town and Everyone wants their piece of it.

Louis Brtrand
Louis Brtrand
5 years ago

Good move, next place.