FBI Director Wray of the DC Swamp Testified to the Senate Today


There was a Senate hearing today with the FBI Director. It was more of the same with some tough questions, not many answers, and no resolutions. Director Wray said more police officers were killed in June than any month in the last four years. When asked about Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Wray said they opened several cases concerning attacks on churches and pro-life centers. He took flight at 1:30. A jet was waiting.

During the hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Sen. Ted Cruz addressed the corrupt Whitmer kidnapping case. The Special Agent in charge of the Whitmer case, Steve D’Antuono, is now in charge of the DC field office during the J6 investigation. That agent beat his wife after a swinger’s party, but he was promoted nonetheless.

He’s a Democrat.

Cruz confronted Wray on patriotic symbols listed under domestic terrorism in a training fact sheet. His answer follows.

Christopher Wray did agree that the border is a national security threat.

The FBI Director will not condemn the Russia hoax.


Senator Chuck Grassley confronted Wray on the whistleblower’s leaks to the GOP Judiciary about the corruption in the Hunter Biden laptop case. Agents were rewarded for burying the case, pretending it was Russian disinformation when they knew otherwise.

Wray claimed they would pursue the Hunter Biden laptop case vigorously. Meanwhile, they had the laptop at least a year before Trump left office.

He took flight.

Director Wray wouldn’t answer several key questions. Sometimes, he was vague or unfamiliar with the situation. He’s a DC swamp critter. If you would like to watch the entire event, go here.

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