FBI Director Wray: The Coming Attack, Chinese Cyber Bombs


NBC News reporter Lester Holt conducted a wide-ranging interview with FBI Director Wray. Wray discussed insults against the FBI, Donald Trump, and J6 “criminals.” NBC News buried the lede. Wray seems to see all those things as equal to the danger Americans face from foreign entities.

“Wray reiterated comments he has made recently, underscoring that the threat from terrorism since Oct. 7 is as high as it has been in some time, especially from lone actors or small groups radicalized at home by the war. But he said there are also elevated fears about a coordinated terror attack in a public place, a prospect that for the last decade has been seen by intelligence officials as extremely remote.

“We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland, which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K,” he said.

The interview with Wray should have focused more on the dangers of foreign entities. You would think he might mention the open borders, but no. He thinks J6 trespassers and some rioters are equivalent threats.

Wray talked about the threat TikTok poses and then brought up the threat from specific enemies.

“Wray also restated his assessments that China, Russia, and Iran may seek to interfere in the upcoming election and that all three countries continue to conduct cyber espionage and offensive cyber operations against the United States. China, he said, is positioning itself to be able to knock out critical infrastructure in the event the U.S. seeks to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion.

“Chinese cyber bombs planted on critical infrastructure, he said, “would allow them to induce panic or break America’s will to resist in something like, let’s say, an effort by the Chinese government to move on Taiwan.”

FBI Director Wray said he would not allow his agents to conduct any investigation that doesn’t comply with “our rules, our procedures, our best practices, our core values.”

In that case, maybe he should rethink what they did in Mar-a-Lago. Wray likes to compliment himself, but he seems to lack some self-awareness. If he really wanted to be honest, he’d tell Biden to shut the border down, but he’s probably all in on replacing the current population.

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