The Dishonorable Trial: Alvin Bragg’s Shame


The Department of Justice might have planned this case in Manhattan and even had a dry run with the Roger Stone case.

Roger Stone was on Greg Kelly’s show last night and thinks his case was the prototype for Donald Trump’s. He was gagged unconstitutionally, members of his jury had attacked him on social media, and jurors who lied were allowed to sit on the jury. All that is happening to Donald Trump.

Stone mentioned that almost every juror says they get news from the New York Times. That should eliminate anyone on his jury. The newspaper can’t be trusted.

The judge won’t recuse himself as in the Stone case even though he gave a $15 contribution to Biden’s presidential campaign in violation of the judicial canon of ethics.

Judge Merchan’s adult daughter, a democrat campaign operative and fundraiser, raised $93 million around the Trump case, using it as a rallying cry for democrat candidates’ fundraising. These are clear conflicts of interest. His daughter has a financial interest in the case, and Donald Trump is gagged, so he can’t even mention it.

As with Stone, Trump can’t get a change of venue despite the obvious – he has a jury of haters.

There was no precedent, no underlying crime, in Stone’s case, and the same is true of President Trump’s case.

Trump was investigated by the Southern District of New York and the US Attorney’s office, not Trump fans, and they found no crime to prosecute; the Federal Election Commission investigated these financial shenanigans by Cohen, and they found no crime to investigate. However, Trump cannot present those conclusions in his defense at trial, while the prosecution can bring up the fraudulent E. Jean Carroll and Letitia James cases. It’s beyond belief.

You have no reason to investigate when you don’t have a precedent or underlying crime. This is Stalinism, a Beria-style probe. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.


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