Ryan Praises Johnson for $95B Bill with Hidden Invasion Provision


Breitbart noted that former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, now a Board member at Fox News, praised Speaker Johnson for passing the $95 billion package of foreign aid. Johnson relied on Democrat votes to pass everything Democrats wanted.

Former Speaker Ryan applauded Johnson: “I think he found his footing, and his voice. … [H]e did it as a statesman, risking his own personal political fortune for the greater good that he believes in,” Ryan told left-wing Axios.

The idea behind this “success” is that Johnson did what the majority wanted and presented each bill as a separate entity.

Axios claims conservatives were the problem. Since Axios is fairly far left, it’s better not to listen to them. They say conservatives refused to pass the border provisions, but they failed to mention that those border provisions made the situation worse.

Funding the Border Invasion

Speaker Johnson’s ‘success’ is marked by something for the “New Americans” that people didn’t know about. The Ukraine-Israel funding bill contains $481,000,000 for Biden’s ‘Refugee and Entrant Assistance’ and $3,495,000,000 for the Department of State’s’ Migration and Refugee Assistance.’

Even immigration watchdog groups like ALIPAC, FAIR, and NumbersUSA were unaware the bill would fund Biden’s invasion of America just like the “border deal bill” that was soundly defeated earlier this year.

ALIPAC Responded when informed by Breitbart:

“Pumping more illegals into the country harms our national security in many ways,” said William Gheen, founder of ALIPAC, a pro-American group. “Anything that makes America weaker, divided, and compromised, that’s what the Democrats and the RINO Republican globalists are doing.”

They can praise Speaker Johnson all they want, and they can criticize the Conservatives, but sneaking in money for the border invasion is very corrupt.

Some accused Paul Ryan of not wanting to lead and just going along when he was Speaker. In hindsight, that seems to be the Uniparty way. Democrats lead us into dystopia, and Republicans enable them.

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